Our Quality

For food safety reasons, STIBO (with SICOBERRY) ensures a high quality control of its products and the health of fruits in a process « from farm to table ». For this reason, we make a careful selection of Serbian producers with whom we work directly, by applying a program of protection adapted to a reasonable agriculture. This guarantees a high quality and a perfectly controlled supply, and a complete traceability of products.

Our quality approach also involves rigorous methods for processing natural products. For this reason every step of the transformation process has a recent technology and it's controlled by our skilled employees.

Through a close cooperation with our suppliers and our customers, we create a synergy enabling us to improve our potential.

From the beginning, STIBO focused its efforts on compliance with safety standards and quality criteria. In this perspective, our factory received the following certification :

- ISO 9001:2000,
- ISO 14001,

STIBO was also given the BIO label and with a view to continy improvement, we expect this certification that is in progress:

- BRC : conditions of good pratice hygiene.

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