Serbia, the largest country of Western Balkans by its area and population, has a favorable geographical location and climate for growing berries. Serbia is also one of the biggest producer and exporter of red fruits, including raspberry nicknamed Serbia's « red gold ». The annual production of raspberries is around 80 000 T.

Located in the Balkan peninsula, the Serbian climate is under the influences of Eurasia, the Aegan sea and the Mediterranean sea. The temperate climate and the intact forest landscapes provide a suitable environment for the production of red fruits. The superior quality of serbian red fruits is the result of a combination of ideal weather conditions, the soil quality and the production technique. This authentic culture in open fields reminds the old tastes.

Thus, since 2006, STIBO has its own production plant, SICOBERRY, located 170 km south from Belgrade, in the heart of this site, renowned for the excellence of red fruits, especially raspberries.

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