Serbia benefits from the best European climate for forest fruits production, especially for our specialty: raspberries.

Mountainous landscape and moderate climate enables our growers to harvest the highest quality products. The peculiarity of our product lies in its taste because we noticed that raspberry variety Meeker and Willamette, native of 700-1100 meters above sea level with an exposure Northwest, boasts a harmony between acidity and sugar raspberry. We therefore focused our primary production of raw fruits to a single region, marked by its Biosphere certification - Golija mountain. We also work with the Kopaonik National Park.

Our more than 250 farmers are using years of experience and know-how to hand-pick the best fruits from each plant. They share a commitment to growing only the finest berries, carefully applying only chemical agents from the protection program supplied by our technologists  and compiled in consultation  with professors from the Fruit research Institute – Cacak and from the Faculty of Agriculture (fruit departement)- Belgrade.

We have also our plantations of strawberry variety Senga Sengana and growed wild strawberry variety Reine des Vallées – Regina, near our cold store.

Always looking for innovation, STIBO - SICOBERRY is engaged in a diverse development program with a private research institute in Serbia for the research of new fruit's variety.

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